Why You Should Use An Instagram Wall for Your Wedding

What is an Instagram Wall?

An Instagram wall is a live Instagram feed consisting of posts using distinct hashtags. Live Instagram wall is also known as an Instagram photo wall and is capable of being displayed on any screen size and is also suited for being used on a projector.

As known, Instagram is the ideal stage for picture display, experimentation with filters, and more for food, lifestyle, photography, weddings, portfolios, and more, everyone's taking the ticket to the Instagram wall ride.

Instagram walls display posts in sheer real-time. What are the event attendees Instagramming via hashtags? Insta photo walls can be easily used for weddings and be displayed on sizable screens about what the wedding guests are Instagramming about the wedding.

Weddings are a blend of fun and enjoyment and by using a tad bit of technology, you can have all the fun, cheer, and excitement from all your guests right at your disposal with Instagram walls for weddings. It's fun and frolic, colorful, full of enjoyment, bubbling with food counters, getting dressed up, dancing, and more with Instagram walls for weddings.

Here is how it works:

To create the best Instagram wall for a wedding, you need to hire an . Aggregator helps you to add your wedding hashtag so you can collect your live feeds on your Instagram wall. Instagram walls for weddings automatically collect live pictures with your unique hashtag. Posts containing the specific hashtag instantly appear on your Wedding wall. easily. Guests at the wedding enjoy the photo slideshow that takes place on your Insta wall and the best part: they will want to be part of it.

Benefits of using an Instagram Wall for Wedding

1. Amplify Your Wedding Guests Engagement

When wedding guests look at pictures on the Instagram photo wall at your wedding, they will be prompted to click a picture too. Seeing one's own picture or post appear on the Instagram wall before innumerable guests, is exciting and fun right?

Let your wedding guests be familiarised with the wedding hashtag and let them click fun and colorful pictures and post those to Instagram, giving you a vivid photo wall free of cost and out of love for your wedding day.

2. Vivid Collage of Beautiful Memories

Display a vibrant collage of Instagram photos from all your wedding guests. You'd be amazed at the energy that your guest, friends, and family put into making your wedding Instagram wall. Experiences, photos, and more, just with the unique wedding hashtag. Instagram wall feed of your wedding will stay on the Internet forever and one can search the wedding hashtag and rewind to the memories and fun all at once.

3. New Posts by Wedding Guests Auto-Update

New posts made by wedding guests using the unique wedding hashtag will automatically update and refresh on the Instagram photo wall. Posts will appear in pure real-time letting you enjoy the fun happening in every corner of your venue.

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