• Our professional journeys began in teaching and education
  • In 1978, we decided to change that journey and work together to create a home based woodworking enterprise called A Day's Work
  • We were located in Iowa City , IA , where we built custom furniture and cabinetry in our two car garage for local clientele
  • In 1987, we were asked by West Music in Coralville , IA , to begin building and supplying their chime trees
  • In respoinse to that request, we designed a solid white oak chime tree base made with fine furniture joinery
  • Since 1987, we have made more than 10,000 of these chime trees and only one had to be repaired because it was in a box run over by a delivery truck
  • Shortly thereafter, we designed our Hand Held Chime Trees, Soprano and Consort Recorder Holders , Tree Frog and Bullfrog Guiros , Shakers, and Slap Stick and have been making them for more than fifteen years
  • In 1996, we moved to Ocala , FL and established our woodworking shop separate from our home
  • In 1997, West Music requested that we create a device for holding instruments on wheel chair trays for music therapy, and the result of that effort is our Multi Instrument Holder
  • In 2001, we became aware that persons needing adaptive assistance had many unmet needs and this awareness began our effort to design our “clamps and attachments ”
  • In 2002, we launched our first website and published our first catalogue
  • In 2004, we worked with local special education and music education teachers in the Marion County, Florida, school system to expand our “clamps and attachments”
  • In 2005, we expanded our clamp options to nine and increased the number of attachments that can be used with them
  • In 2005, we also created adaptive mallets and pick assists


To be your partner by bringing our woodworking skills to solve challenges in the adaptive environment


  • Learn from you about unmet adaptive needs
  • Design ways to meet those needs
  • Seek your input for design revision
  • Refine our designs so that others can benefit from our efforts
  • Incorporate the best woodworking methods in our construction
  • Use rugged and sturdy materials (such as white oak) in our products
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